Vasily Desnitsky

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The development of systems based on embedded components is a challenging task because of their distributed, reactive and real-time nature. From a security point of view, embedded devices are basically systems owned by a certain entity, used frequently as part of systems owned by other entities and operated in a potentially hostile environment. The(More)
The increasing urgency and expansion of information systems implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) concept determine the importance of the investigation in the field of protection mechanisms against a wide range of information security threats. The increased complexity of such investigation is determined by a low structuring and formalization of expert(More)
From information security point of view embedded devices are the elements of complex systems operating in a potentially hostile environment. Therefore development of embedded devices is a complex task that often requires expert solutions. The complexity of the task of developing secure embedded devices is caused by various types of threats and attacks that(More)
As elements of complex information systems, embedded devices define informational and physical connections between the level of software control of the system on the one hand, and its technical environment and users on the other. Operating in a potentially volatile and untrusted cyber-physical environment, using insufficiently secure communication channels(More)