Vasily A Andreev

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To permit unified analysis and simultaneous evaluation of geometrical spin-redirection phase and Pancharatnam phase, the conventional 2 x 2 Jones matrix calculation is generalized and a new scheme of 3 x 3 matrix calculation is proposed. With the proposed algorithm one can trace the polarization state changes and the geometric phase shifts caused by beam(More)
The MuCap experiment at the Paul Scherrer Institute has measured the rate Λ(S) of muon capture from the singlet state of the muonic hydrogen atom to a precision of 1%. A muon beam was stopped in a time projection chamber filled with 10-bar, ultrapure hydrogen gas. Cylindrical wire chambers and a segmented scintillator barrel detected electrons from muon(More)
The results of research the intelligence multimodal man-machine interface and virtual reality means for assistive medical systems including computers and mechatronic systems (robots) are discussed. The gesture translation for disability peoples, the learning-by-showing technology and virtual operating room with 3D visualization are presented in this report(More)
We report the first observation of the Cabibbo-suppressed charm baryon decay Ξ_{c}^{+}→pK^{-}π^{+}. We observe 150±22±5 events for the signal. The data were accumulated using the SELEX spectrometer during the 1996-1997 fixed target run at Fermilab, chiefly from a 600 GeV/c Σ^{-} beam. The branching fractions of the decay relative to the Cabibbo-favored(More)
Using the linearized Poisson-Boltzmann equation (LPB) we derive an asymptotic expansion for the electrostatic potential of charged torus immersed in solution of an electrolyte in the limit of high salinity and large major radius of the torus. The small parameter of this expansion is the ratio of the Debye length to the minor radius of the torus. We derive(More)
We develop an analytical molecular-thermodynamic model for the aggregation free energy of branching portions of wormlike ionic micelles in 1:1 salt solution. The junction of three cylindrical aggregates is represented by a combination of pieces of the torus and bilayer. A geometry-dependent analytical solution is obtained for the linearized(More)
The rate of nuclear muon capture by the proton has been measured using a new technique based on a time projection chamber operating in ultraclean, deuterium-depleted hydrogen gas, which is key to avoiding uncertainties from muonic molecule formation. The capture rate from the hyperfine singlet ground state of the microp atom was obtained from the difference(More)
The low-temperature orientationaly ordered crystalline phase of fullerene C 60 was investigated in dependence on the external pressure. The vibrational spectrum of C 60 crystal was calculated using the group theory and atom-atom potentials methods. The frequencies of inter-molecular modes as the functions of external pressure were studied. An assumption was(More)
A novel scheme for an interferometric microscope with which to visualize a geometrical spin-redirection phase image that represents the local inclination of microsurface structures of an object is proposed. The observed phase depends on the state of polarization and the optical constants of the object material, which enable one to distinguish the(More)
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