Vasiliy V. Krivtsov

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Practical use of Bayesian estimation procedures is often associated with difficulties related to elicitation of prior information, and its formalization into the respective prior distribution. The two-parameter Weibull distribution is a particularly difficult case, because it requires a two-dimensional joint prior distribution of the Weibull parameters. The(More)
An important characteristic of the grenewal process, and of great practical interest, is the grenewal equation, which represents the expected cumulative number of recurrent events as a function of time. The problem is that the grenewal equation does not have a closed form solution, unless the underlying event times are exponentially distributed. The(More)
The paper considers an empirical approach to the root-cause analysis of a certain kind of automobile tire failure. Tire life data are obtained from a laboratory test, which is developed to duplicate field failures. A number of parameters related to tire geometry and physical properties are selected as explanatory variables that potentially affect a tire’s(More)
Electretic state and radiation absorption of nanocomposites consisting of polymer matrix and metal particles filler obtained in result of electric explosion are investigated. Stable thermoelectrets of polymer metal-filled systems that have better electert properties than traditional polymer materials are obtained. Suggested method of composite polymer(More)
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