Vasiliy Leonenko

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A lysozyme-like enzyme isolated from the culture broth of Staph. aureus 712 presented in its native state a lipoproteid complex. The lytic and antibacterial spectrum of the enzyme was similar to that of the egg albumin enzyme. However, the lipoproteid complex was somewhat superior to the egg albumin complex in its activity against Micrococcus lysodeikticus,(More)
On the basis of studying 855 strains of various staphylococci it was shown that production of a lysozyme-like enzyme (LLE) failed to serve as a characteristic sign for all the representatives of Staphylococcus genus. It was mostly observed in S. aureus (in 85% of the strains). In nonpathogenic strains of S. epidermidis LLE could not be revealed either by(More)
A comparison was made of the pigment-forming capacity and the enzymatic activity, growth rate, virulence and sensitivity to antibiotics and egg lysozyme in 397 pigment, 203 pigment-free strains of staphylococci and 24 pigment-free Staph aureus mutants. Pigment formation did not always correlate with the general biological activity of the cultures, the rate(More)
Observations of the authors of the present work permit to put forward the following suppositions on the biological significance of the lysozyme sign included into the number of sign-of the staphylococcus pathogenicity: 1) the action of the lysozyme-like enzyme (LLE) as a facs for increasing the permeability of the cell wall and thus promoting the exit of(More)
Рассматривается индивидуум–ориентированная модель распространения инфекционного заболевания среди городского населения. Построена система стохастических уравнений, описывающих изменение численностей четырёх групп населения: восприимчивые, инфицированные, больные индивидуумы и индивидуумы, находящиеся в состоянии ремиссии. Система уравнений модели дополнена(More)
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