Vasiliy Goncharov

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Accurate ionization potential (IP) measurements provide essential thermodynamic information and benchmark data that can be used to evaluate the validity of electronic structure models. Calculations of the first IP of UO2 using relativistic methods consistently predict values that are approximately 0.7 eV higher than the accepted experimental value. The(More)
DC slice imaging has been employed to study the photodissociation dynamics of acetone at 230 nm, with detection of the CO photoproduct via the B (v' = 0) (1)Sigma(+) <-- X (v'' = 0) (1)Sigma(+) transition. A bimodal translational energy distribution observed in the CO fragments points to two distinct dissociation pathways in the 230 nm photolysis of(More)
State-resolved photodissociation dynamics of formaldehyde-d(2), i.e., D(2)CO, at energies slightly above the deuterium atom elimination channel have been studied both experimentally and theoretically. The results showed a clear bimodal distribution of energy into molecular photofragments. Substantial translational excitation of products at high rotational(More)
The ionization energy (IE) for ThO has been determined using photoionization efficiency and mass-analyzed threshold ionization measurements. An IE of 6.6038(12) eV was obtained, which was appreciably higher than the result from previous appearance potential measurements [6.1(1) eV]. The revised IE is 0.3 eV greater than that of atomic Th, indicating that(More)
The ThO(+) cation is of interest as it is a useful prototype for experimental and theoretical studies of bonding in a simple actinide compound. Formally the ground state of ThO(+) has the configuration Th(3+)(7s)O(2-), where there is a single unpaired electron associated with a closed-shell Th(4+)-ion core. The first tier of excited states above the X(More)
Permanent electric dipole moments and magnetic g factors for uranium monoxide (UO) have been determined from analyses of optical Stark and Zeeman spectra recorded at a spectral resolution that approaches the natural linewidth limit. Numerous branch features in the previously characterized [L. A. Kaledin et al., J. Mol. Spectrosc. 164, 27 (1994)] (0,0)(More)
A novel spectroscopic technique has been developed which makes it possible to record Doppler-free resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) spectra with just one laser beam. The approach simply involves masking the outer side of the phosphor screen under velocity map imaging conditions so that only those species having no velocity component parallel(More)
The pulsed field ionization-zero kinetic energy photoelectron technique has been used to observe the low-lying energy levels of UO+. Rotationally resolved spectra were recorded for the ground state and the first nine electronically excited states. Extensive vibrational progressions were characterized. Omega+ assignments were unambiguously determined from(More)
The statement and decision of the optimization problem about the determination of the transition depth from open to underground miming with reference to kimberlite deposits of Yakutii on condition of the maximum Net Present Value (NPV) with provision for building lag-time is given in this article. The main dependencies of NPV from open mining design(More)