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Keywords: Grid networks Centralized vs. distributed architecture Task scheduling Routing and data scheduling Online algorithms a b s t r a c t The management of Grid resources requires scheduling of both computation and communication tasks at various levels. In this study, we consider the two constituent sub-problems of Grid scheduling, namely: (i) the(More)
—Recent research efforts in the area of future networks indicate Information-Centric Networking (ICN) as the dominant architecture for the Future Internet. The main promise of ICN is that of shifting the communication paradigm of the internetworking layer from machine endpoints to information access and delivery. Optimized content dissemination and(More)
—The areas of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Information-Centric Networking (ICN) have gained increasing attention in the wider research community, while gaining credibility through corporate interest and investment. With the promise of SDN to simplify the deployment of alternative network architectures, the question arises how SDN and ICN could(More)
—The deployment of small cells is expected to gain huge momentum in the near future, as a solution for managing the skyrocketing mobile data demand growth. Local caching of popular files at the small cell base stations has been recently proposed, aiming at reducing the traffic incurred when transferring the requested content from the core network to the(More)
In a publish/subscribe (pub/sub) network, message delivery is guaranteed for all connected subscribers at publish time. However, in a dynamic mobile scenario where users join and leave the network, it is important that content published at the time they are disconnected is still delivered when they reconnect from a different point. In this paper, we enhance(More)
Content-centric publish/subscribe networking is a flexible communication model that meets the requirements of the content distribution in the Internet, where information needs to be addressed by semantic attributes rather than origin and destination identities. In current implementations of publish/subscribe networks, messages are not stored and only active(More)