Vasilis Karaiskos

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The AMI Meeting Corpus is a multi-modal data set consisting of 100 hours of meeting recordings. It is being created in the context of a project that is developing meeting browsing technology and will eventually be released publicly. Some of the meetings it contains are naturally occurring, and some are elicited, particularly using a scenario in which the(More)
ing service in physics and the manufacturer of the INSPEC database, indexed 174,000 items in one year alone (1996), of which about 146,500 are journal articles. However, these already impressive numbers exclude less important journals, workshop proceedings, conference papers and non-English material. Indeed, the growth rate is probably exponential—Maron and(More)
The Blizzard Challenge 2009 was the fifth annual Blizzard Challenge. As in 2008, UK English and Mandarin Chinese were the chosen languages for the 2009 Challenge. The English corpus was the same one used in 2008. The Mandarin corpus was provided by iFLYTEK. As usual, participants with limited resources or limited experience in these languages had the option(More)
In this paper we present a corpus of interactions of older and younger users with nine different dialogue systems. The corpus has been fully transcribed and annotated with dialogue acts and “Information State Update” (ISU) representations of dialogue context. Users not only underwent a comprehensive battery of cognitive assessments, but they also rated the(More)
In this paper, the performance of the standard instrumental quality prediction algorithm ITU-T P.563 is reported based on the 2007 and 2008 Blizzard Challenge speech data. The algorithm, which is optimized for natural speech, is shown to obtain poor correlation with subjective quality ratings. In an attempt to improve instrumental quality prediction(More)
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