Vasilis Efthymiou

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This tutorial provides an overview of the key research results in the area of entity resolution that are relevant to addressing the new challenges in entity resolution posed by the Web of data, in which real world entities are described by interlinked data rather than documents. Since such descriptions are usually partial, overlapping and sometimes(More)
Today, privacy is a key concept. It is also one which is rapidly evolving with technological advances, and there is no consensus on a single definition for it. In fact, the concept of privacy has been defined in many different ways, ranging from the " right to be left alone " to being a " commodity " that can be bought and sold. In the same time, powerful(More)
—In the Web of data, entities are described by inter-linked data rather than documents on the Web. In this work, we focus on entity resolution in the Web of data, i.e., identifying descriptions that refer to the same real-world entity. To reduce the required number of pairwise comparisons, methods for entity resolution perform blocking as a pre-processing(More)
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