Vasilios Mavroudis

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Nowadays users often possess a variety of electronic devices for communication and entertainment. In particular, smartphones are playing an increasingly central role in users' lives: Users carry them everywhere they go and often use them to control other devices. This trend provides incentives for the industry to tackle new challenges, such as cross-device(More)
My research interests span the areas of systems and software security, specifically focusing on the security of mobile systems. My research aims at developing novel program analysis techniques to characterize and identify evasive hard-to-detect malicious code, detecting and preventing high-impact security vulnerabilities, and performing large-scale studies(More)
Researchers have recently uncovered numerous anomalies that affect 3G/4G networks, caused either by hardware failures, or by Denial of Service (DoS) attacks against core network components. Detection and attribution of these anomalies are of major importance for the mobile operators. In this respect, this paper presents a lightweight application, which aims(More)
This deliverable explores spatio-temporal information correlation techniques for the detection of abnormal events and attacks in mobile networks. To this end, a variety of expressive features are defined and extracted from signaling traces collected from operational 3G/4G mobile networks as well as synthetic billing-related records. Appropriate proximity(More)
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