Vasilios G. Chouvardas

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Tactation is the sensation perceived by the sense of touch, and is based on the skin's receptors. Touch is a common medium used by the general population and the sensory impaired. Tactile substitution can be used by the blind or deaf in order to: (a) enhance access to computer graphical user interfaces and (b) enhance mobility in controlled environments.(More)
Tactation is the sensation perceived by the sense of touch. Kinesthetic information describes the relative positions and movements of body parts as well as muscular effort when touching and manipulating objects. Haptic perception involves both tactile perception through the skin and kinesthetic perception of the position and movement of the joints and(More)
— Tactation is the sensation perceived by the sense of touch. Tactation is based on the skin receptors. The skin nerves can be stimulated by mechanical, electrical or thermal stimuli. Apart from fibers for pain, skin has six more types of receptors. A review of the state of the art concerning the physiological and technological principles, considerations(More)
In this paper we present the functional design of a resource arbiter based on Neural Networks. The decision for the access of the shared resource is based on a multilevel hierarchical Neural Network. The arbitration is based on a winner-take-all scheme and the priority measures are distributed in the neural network's adaptive weights. The system is designed(More)
The last years a growing body of research has been developed on tactile displays and interfaces, which can give physical form to digital information. In spite of the numerous tactile devices that have been constructed, the development of formal definition for tactile information still remains an open issue. In order for the software to better enhance the(More)
In this paper we present the optimization of a Capacitive Micro machined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT) array that performs as a tactile display using an electrical equivalent circuit model and the SPICE program. The array implements a "pixel" of the display and is used to focus airborne ultrasound energy on the skin surface. The design of the array is(More)
This work investigates mechanical limitations of thin film materials on steel foil substrates for flexible electronic applications. A three layer structure consisting of 100μm thick stainless steel foil as the substrate, followed by 1μm thick spin-on-glass passivation layer and 0.3μm thick patterned aluminum interconnect layer on top with varying widths(More)
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