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BACKGROUND Fish is a rich source of essential nutrients for fetal development, but in contrast, it is also a well-known route of exposure to environmental pollutants. OBJECTIVE We assessed whether fish intake during pregnancy is associated with fetal growth and the length of gestation in a panel of European birth cohort studies. DESIGN The study sample(More)
Among 936 demands for treatment by drug users in Greece in 7 months in 1994, 78 subjects making at least two demands were identified by code numbers. The median time between demands was 50 days (range 2-219). The data obtained by interview at the first two demands were compared to estimate the reliability of the interview schedule of the First Treatment(More)
BACKGROUND Breast feeding duration has been associated with improved cognitive development in children. However, few population-based prospective studies have evaluated dose-response relationships of breastfeeding duration with language and motor development at early ages, and results are discrepant. METHODS The study uses data from the prospective(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relative validity of an FFQ based on parental report for pre-school children in the mother-child 'Rhea' birth cohort. DESIGN The children's mothers completed an FFQ that referred to the children's dietary intake for the previous year by telephone interview. Mothers completed also three food records, two on weekdays and one on a(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES The determination of dietary patterns in children examines the effects of the overall diet at early ages, instead of looking at individual foods or energy providing nutrients. The present analysis aims to identify the dietary patterns of preschool children and to examine their associations with multiple socio-economic and lifestyle(More)
BACKGROUND There is some evidence that aberrant eating behaviours and obesity co-occur with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms. The present study is the first that aims to investigate the association between eating behaviours and ADHD symptoms in early childhood in a population-based cohort. METHODS We included 471 preschool children(More)
Early-life nutrition is critical for optimal brain development; however, few studies have evaluated the impact of diet as a whole in early childhood on neurological development with inconsistent results. The present analysis is a cross-sectional study nested within an ongoing prospective birth cohort, the Rhea study, and aims to examine the association of(More)
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