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beta-Amyloid (A beta) is the primary protein component of senile plaques found in Alzheimer's disease. In an aggregated (amyloid fibril, protofibril, or low molecular weight oligomer) state, A beta has been consistently shown to be toxic to neurons, but the molecular mechanism of this toxicity is poorly understood. We have previously shown that A beta(More)
This paper provides a new systematic procedure for identifying optimal strategies for process modifications, so as to optimize the allocation of process sources and minimize waste discharge. The clustering concept is used to map the problem from the non-conserved property domain into the component-less cluster domain. Interval analysis principles are also(More)
Decision-making on outsourcing biomass supply operations for bioenergy production is both of strategic and operational importance and can be modeled as a multi-perspective supplier selection problem characterized by multiple qualitative and quantitative factors, as well as technical and non-technical attributes and constraints. The biomass supply system(More)
Novel Visualization and Algebraic Techniques for Sustainable Development Through Property Integration. (December 2006) Vasiliki Kazantzi, B.S., University of Thessaloniki, Greece; M.E., Texas A&M University Chair of Advisory Committee: Dr. Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi The process industries are characterized by the significant consumption of fresh resources. This(More)
Evaluation of biomass suppliers is a time-dependent problem that requires assessment of different supply schemes in different periods. This paper presents a hybrid method for evaluating biomass suppliers that combines Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets (IFS), linear programming (LP) and multi-periodic optimization (MPO). IFS allow evaluators to express their(More)
Digital cities have been evolved during the last decade and they have installed various information systems and information and communication technology (ICT) based infrastructures across various cities in the world. Most digital cities are ongoing investments, while their outcomes are differentiated from their primary objectives, and many of them are(More)
The biomass supplier selection problem is characterized by a high degree of uncertainty because of subjective preferences/evaluations of decision makers, raw material cost fluctuations, variations in biomass seasonality and the dynamics of biomass demand. Designing a biomass supply chain often becomes a time-dependent problem that should be addressed by(More)
A model predicting 12 properties of diesel – biodiesel mixtures was developed. This was based on existing correlations capable of providing quality characteristics for the mixtures. The model was also used to maximize the biodiesel fraction in the dieselbiodiesel mixtures, while taking into consideration all product quality specifications as they are(More)