Vasiliki J. Mallios

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Cholinergic mechanisms are known to play a key role in the regulation of breathing, but the distribution of muscarinic receptor (mAChR) subtypes has not been localized within brain stem respiratory nuclei. This study examined the hypothesis that mAChR subtypes are heterogeneously distributed across brain stem nuclei that control breathing. With the use of(More)
Muscarinic cholinergic receptors (mAChRs) within the pontine brain stem play a key role in generating rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Using an in vitro autoradiographic technique that permits selective labeling of mAChR subtypes by radioligand binding, this study provides the first quantitative map of mAChR subtypes in cat brain stem areas important for REM(More)
Previous studies have shown the existence of an ideal respiratory rate (f R) for a given ventilation at which the respiratory work rate (J·s−1) is minimum. The purpose of the present study was to measure the effect off R, tidal volume and breathing pattern on the respiratory work per breath and respiratory work rate during exercise on a cycle ergometer.(More)
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