Vasiliki I. Hatzi

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The HSP70 protein family consists one of the most conserved and important systems for cellular homeostasis under both stress and physiological conditions. The genes of this family are poorly studied(More)
The frequency of dicentric chromosomes in human peripheral blood lymphocytes at metaphase is considered as the "gold-standard" method for biological dosimetry and, presently, it is the most widely(More)
The formation of diverse chromosomal aberrations following irradiation and the variability in radiosensitivity at different cell-cycle stages remain a long standing controversy, probably because most(More)
The dual role of caffeine as a chromosomal damage inducer and G2/M-checkpoint abrogator is well known but it is observed mainly at relatively high concentrations. At low concentrations, caffeine(More)
Glutaraldehyde (GA) is a high production volume chemical that is very reactive with a wide spectrum of medical, scientific and industrial applications. Concerning the genotoxic and carcinogenic(More)
Combination of next-generation DNA sequencing, single nucleotide polymorphism array analyses and bioinformatics has revealed the striking phenomenon of chromothripsis, described as complex genomic(More)