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Researchers of cognitive processing in illiteracy have proposed that the acquisition of literacy modifies the functional organization of the brain. They have suggested that, while illiterate individuals have access only to innate semantic processing skills, those who have learned the correspondence between graphemes and phonemes have several mechanisms(More)
Previous studies have reported that illiterates perform more poorly than literates on a variety of neuropsychological measures. We investigated the hypothesis that putative memory deficits in illiterates are an artifact of the assessment tools used rather than a reflection of an 'underdeveloped' ability. In order to accomplish this, we designed two tests, a(More)
Difficulties in phonological processing in illiterates have been attributed to their limited phonological awareness, a consequence of their lack of literacy. We sought to explore the potential influence of education on auditory lexical processing above and beyond literacy per se. In order to achieve this goal, we compared a lexical decision making paradigm(More)
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