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Distributed Denial of Service attacks are a growing threat to organizations and, as defense mechanisms are becoming more advanced, hackers are aiming at the application layer. For example, application layer Low and Slow Distributed Denial of Service attacks are becoming a serious issue because, due to low resource consumption, they are hard to detect. In(More)
As business requirements evolve with increasing information density and velocity, there is a growing need for efficiency and automation of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes. Current approaches for the modeling and optimization of ETL processes provide platform-independent optimization solutions for the (semi-)automated transition among different(More)
Obtaining the right set of data for evaluating the fulfillment of different quality standards in the extract-transform-load (ETL) process design is rather challenging. First, the real data might be out of reach due to different privacy constraints, while providing a synthetic set of data is known as a labor-intensive task that needs to take various(More)
We present a tool, called POIESIS, for automatic ETL process enhancement. ETL processes are essential data-centric activities in modern business intelligence environments and they need to be examined through a viewpoint that concerns their quality characteristics (e.g., data quality, performance, manageability) in the era of Big Data. POIESIS responds to(More)
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