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Dissipative particle dynamics simulations of several bead-spring representations of polymer chains in dilute solution are used to demonstrate the correct static scaling laws for the radius of gyration. Shear flow results for the wormlike chain simulating single DNA molecules compare well with average extensions from experiments, irrespective of the number(More)
Simulation studies for dilute polymeric systems are presented using the dissipative particle dynamics method. By employing two different thermostats, the velocity-Verlet and Lowe's scheme, we show that the Schmidt number (S(c)) of the solvent strongly affects nonequilibrium polymeric quantities. The fractional extension of wormlike chains subjected to(More)
We propose new schemes for integrating the stochastic differential equations of dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) in simulations of dilute polymer solutions. The hybrid DPD models consist of hard potentials that describe the microscopic dynamics of polymers and soft potentials that describe the mesoscopic dynamics of the solvent. In particular, we develop(More)
A new method for stabilizing viscoelastic flows is proposed suitable for high-order discretizations. It employs a mode-dependent diffusion operator that guarantees monotonicity while maintaining the formal accuracy of the discretization. Other features of the method are: a high-order time-splitting scheme, modal spectral element expansions on a single grid,(More)
From 1971 to 1986, 94 patients suffering from T1 glottic carcinoma underwent cordectomy at the University ENT Clinic of Thessaloniki, Greece. There were five female and 89 male patients with a median age of 61.7 years. Two year survival rate was 93.7 per cent; five year survival rate was 93.2 per cent. Seventeen of the patients suffered recurrence, but 11(More)
Out of 245 cases of zygomatic complex fractures which have been treated during 1978-1987, 20 were isolated zygomatic arch fractures. The analysis of the cases showed that the causing factors had been direct violence due to fight, sport and traffic accidents. It had been proved that these fractures are not very rare. Evaluation and treatment must be in time.(More)
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