Vasileios Symeonidis

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T he molecular dynamics (MD) method is suitable for simulating very small volumes of liquid flow with linear dimensions of 100 nanometers or less and for time intervals of several tens of nanoseconds. It effectively deals with nanodomains and is perhaps the only accurate approach for simulating flows involving very high shear in which continuum(More)
Dissipative particle dynamics simulations of several bead-spring representations of polymer chains in dilute solution are used to demonstrate the correct static scaling laws for the radius of gyration. Shear flow results for the wormlike chain simulating single DNA molecules compare well with average extensions from experiments, irrespective of the number(More)
We propose new schemes for integrating the stochastic differential equations of dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) in simulations of dilute polymer solutions. The hybrid DPD models consist of hard potentials that describe the microscopic dynamics of polymers and soft potentials that describe the mesoscopic dynamics of the solvent. In particular, we develop(More)
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