Vasileios Papastamopoulos

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BACKGROUND Numerous studies have shown that baseline drug resistance patterns may influence the outcome of antiretroviral therapy. Therefore, guidelines recommend drug resistance testing to guide the choice of initial regimen. In addition to optimizing individual patient management, these baseline resistance data enable transmitted drug resistance (TDR) to(More)
INTRODUCTION An increase in the incidence of HIV new infections among intravenous drug users (IDUs) by 1500%, was noted in the center of Athens in 2011. Increasing problematic drug use, homelessness, health cuts amidst the economic crisis, have contributed to the epidemic. New cases doubled within a year, challenging the HIV care delivery system (1). (More)
INTRODUCTION The prevalence of drug resistance is approximately 10% in Europe and North America among newly infected patients. We aim to investigate the temporal patterns of resistance among drug naive HIV-infected individuals in Greece and also to determine transmission networking among those with resistant strains. MATERIALS AND METHODS Protease (PR)(More)
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