Vasileios Germanos

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Federated cloud systems increase the reliability and reduce the cost of computational support to an organisation. However, the resulting combination of secure private clouds and less secure public clouds impacts on the overall security of the system as applications need to be located within different clouds. In this paper, the entities of a federated cloud(More)
In partially observed Petri nets, diagnosis is the task of detecting whether or not the given sequence of observed labels indicates that some unobservable fault has occurred. Diagnosability is an associated property of the Petri net, stating that in any possible execution an occurrence of a fault can eventually be diagnosed. In this paper we consider(More)
BUGs algorithms are navigation algorithms that have been designed to seek of a target in a plane that contains obstacles. Many new navigation algorithms have been inspired from them and their applications can be found in autonomous mobile robots, e.g., self driving vehicles. These algorithms are inspired from insects and are comparable to the motion of(More)
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