Vasileios Chatziioannou

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A time-domain formulation of a lumped model approximation of a clarinet reed excitation mechanism is presented. The lumped model is based on an analytical representation of the flow within the reed channel, incorporating a contraction coefficient (vena contracta factor) that is defined as the ratio of the effective flow over the Bernoulli flow. This(More)
Nonlinear interactions may impose several restrictions to numerical simulation attempts, in particular concerning the design of unconditionally stable algorithms. Such algorithms are required for real-time synthesis applications where virtual instruments may be modified on-line. One characteristic case of nonlinear interactions is that of impact sounds.(More)
Electronic pickup systems for acoustic instruments are often used in popular and contemporary music performances because they allow amplification and modification of a clean and direct signal. Strain gauge sensors on saxophone and clarinet reeds have been shown to be a useful tool to gain insight into tongue articulation during performance but also capture(More)
Physical-modelling based sound resynthesis is considered by estimating physical model parameters for a clarinet-like system. Having as a starting point the pressure and flow signals in the mouthpiece, a two-stage optimisation routine is employed, in order to estimate a set of physical model parameters that can be used to resynthesise the original sound.(More)
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