Vasile Preda

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Beside the well known Wolfe dual [10], Mond and Weir [14] proposed a number of different duals for nonlinear programming problems with nonnegative variables and proved various duality theorems under appropriate pseudoconvexity / quasi-convexity assumptions. The study of second order duality is significant due to the computational advantage over first order(More)
For Modified-Weibull distribution we have obtained the Bayes Estimators of scale and shape parameters using Lindley's approximation (L-approximation) under various loss functions. The proposed estimators have been compared with the corresponding MLE for their risks based on corresponding simulated samples. Key-Words: Bayesian estimation, Lindley's(More)
General theory for optimizing n-set functions was first developed by Morris [23] who, for fractions of a single set, obtained results that are similar to the standard mathematical programming problem. Corley [16] developed an optimization theory for programming problems with n-set functions, established optimality conditions, and obtained Lagrangian(More)
subject to x ∈ X0, where X0 = {x ∈ Rn | g(x) ≥ 0}, f : Rn → R and g : Rn → Rm are twice differentiable functions, and Bj , j = 1, s, are n×n positive semi-definite (symmetric) matrices. Here g = (g1, . . . , gm) . A feasible solution of (P) is an element x0 ∈ X0. This class arises naturally in finance when one measures the risk of a portfolio by its(More)