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In this paper, we propose a new mathematical model for image processing. It is a logarithmical one. We consider the bounded interval (-1, 1) as the set of gray levels. Firstly, we define two operations: addition 〈+〉 and real scalar multiplication 〈×〉. With these operations, the set of gray levels becomes a real vector space. Then, defining the scalar(More)
In this paper we propose a new algebraical model for the gray level images. It can be used for digital image processing. The model adresses to those images which are generated in improper light conditions (very low or high level). The vector space structure is able to illustrate some features into the image using modified level of contrast and luminosity.(More)
— This paper presents an extension of fuzzy set based on Łukasiewicz penta-valued logic. This new type of fuzzy set will be called penta-valued fuzzy set and will be defined by five scalar functions: the strong membership, the weak membership, the uncertainty, the weak non-membership and the strong non-membership. Also, the penta-valued fuzzy set represents(More)
 This paper presents a new five-valued knowledge representation of bipolar information. This representation is related to a five-valued logic that uses two logical values of truth (true, false) and three logical values of uncertainty (incomplete, inconsistent and fuzzy). The new approach is based on the concept of saturation function and ignorance(More)