Vasile Lazarescu

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In this paper we present a method of evolving the contrast characteristics of a satellite image by employing a real-coded genetic algorithm with subjective fitness. The contrast properties of an image are given by its contrast-stretching curve, and the task of the Genetic Algorithm is to evolve this curve in order to find the best shape according to some(More)
Université de Savoie, Polytech’Savoie, LISTIC Laboratory BP 80439, F-74944 Annecy-le-Vieux Cedex, France {andreea.julea|nicolas.meger|emmanuel.trouve|philippe.bolon} Institutul de Stiinte Spatiale, Bucharest, Romania Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania Faculty for Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology Applied(More)
With a continuous increase in the number of Earth Observation satellites, leading to the development of satellite image time series (SITS), the number of algorithms for land cover analysis and monitoring has greatly expanded. This paper offers a new perspective in dynamic classification for SITS. Four similarity measures (correlation coefficient,(More)
A feed-forward neural network is used for diagnosis of spastic paralysis. It is a two-layer perceptron and it is able to classify two kinds of myoelectric signal recorded in surface electromyography: the normal EMG and the EMG in the case of spastic paralysis. The myoelectric signal was recorded with a surface electrode pair and sampled at 10 kHz. The EMG(More)
This paper introduces a new method of performing mutation in a real-coded Genetic Algorithm (GA), a method driven by Principal Component Analysis (PCA). We present both theoretical and empirical results which show that our mutation operator attains higher levels of diversity in the search space, as compared to other mutation operators, meaning that by(More)
Power or energy meter systems can be incorporated with embedded controllers such as micro Web-servers with Ethernet port to transmit the reader data over the Internet. Such data can be then fed and integrated into existing energy management systems located at power companies and organizations. The problem of efficiently collecting data from a large number(More)
This paper presents a method to increase the lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) with grid topologies. In order to achieve this, an adaptive routing algorithm (ARA) was developed. The paths used for routing data are chosen with respect to the residual energy of the sensor nodes. This way, a leveling of energy and a load balance of data in the network(More)