Vasile I. Pavlov

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This paper applies the Hamiltonian Approach (HA) to two-dimensional motions of incompressible fluid in curvi-linear coordinates, in particular on a sphere. The HA has been used to formulate governing equations of motion and to interpret the evolution of a system consisting of N localized two-dimensional vortices on a sphere. If the number of vortices N is(More)
Two-dimensional vortex pairs are frequently observed in geophysical conditions, for example, in a shelf zone of the ocean near river mouths. The main aims of the work are to estimate the space scales of such vortex structures, to analyze possible scenarios of vortex pair motion and to give the qualitative classification of their trajectories. We discuss(More)
Hyperglycemia, in the absence of type 1 or 2 diabetes, is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. We have previously demonstrated a central role for mannose binding lectin (MBL)-mediated cardiac dysfunction in acute hyperglycemic mice. In this study, we applied whole-genome microarray data analysis to investigate MBL's role in systematic gene(More)
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