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Geofencing is one of the components in the wider spectra of Ambient Assisted Living related applications. Such applications are meant to provide support to persons with disabilities or to those impaired, as well as to their caretakers. Within this context, geofencing targets the safe mobility of such persons. As mobility related data can be translated into(More)
Multi-agent system technology has been proposed to model any systems who's resources are distributed (systems that can be found everywhere in the real world). Through system modeling using this technology the system's flexibility and capacity to resolve unpredicted situations that appear inside it, have been improved. In this article multi-agent systems(More)
A methodology for building the rule-base of a fuzzy logic controller (FLC), using the iterative learning algorithm and ANFIS training is tested both in simulation and practical conditions. The methodology is aiming to bring in the intelligent characteristic to controller design procedure, by implying methods that simulates human actions as learning and(More)
The time-delay introduced by an image processing system is a crucial factor which plays an important role in the robustness and stability of an active vision system. In this paper, the authors present a feedback control analysis of a stereo active vision platform used to control the pan, tilt and zoom of the active stereo camera. The main goal of the(More)
− A fuzzy logic controller (FLC) provides a means of converting a linguistic control strategy based on expert knowledge into an automatic control strategy. A short survey of the FLC rule-base design strategies is presented, focusing on a control engineering knowledge based methodology. A fuzzy controller is designed for a temperature control application to(More)
The paradigm of Multi-agent Systems has been developed targeting scenarios with multiple actors involved in complex interactions. The nature of agent behaviors and their interactions often requires elaborate models which have to be developed, analysed and tested. This paper addresses the issue of behavior modeling for Multi-agent Systems by using the Petri(More)
The agent's decision mechanism should take into account only the events which can influence the agent's decision. That is way it is necessary to embed the event processing technology into multi-agent systems decision mechanism. From the stimuli received by the agent, there are selected only the ones which can influence their behaviour and based on this(More)
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