Vasile Chirita

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We investigated factors that influence adolescents' engagement in risky Internet behavior, in particular the factors relating to negative impacts on adolescent development: social interactions, sexual activity, and their emotional development. Material and method: All the students, aged between 15 to 18 years old, come from 7 high schools of Iasi, Romania.(More)
One of the items of the " neo-kraepelinian credo " , articulated in the 1970s, was that " there is a boundary between the normal and the sick ". In other terms, it was maintained that there is a clear, qualitative distinction between persons who have a mental disorder and persons who have not (1). A corollary to this item was the statement that "(More)
The frequency of depression-pain association, gives the authors the opportunity of evaluating the actual pattern of managing pain according to its sensory-discriminatory, affective-emotional, cognitive and behavioral features. The neurophysiologic, affective and psychologic factors generally correlate in the induction and evolution of pain, being dependent(More)
The authors give synthesis of five scale methods for alcoholism (Alcoholism Severity Scale, Mac Andrew Scale, Bell Alcoholism Scale of Adjustment, Manson Evaluation and Iowa Alcoholic Intake Schedule), four scale means of the type of Psychological tests (Alcadd Test, Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test, Mortimer-Filkins Test and Essential Reactive Alcoholism(More)
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