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OBJECTIVE Investigating the behavioral and cognitive effect of memantine in moderate to severe patients with Alzheimer's disease receiving donepezil. MATERIAL AND METHOD 43 patients were enrolled in this prospective, randomized, parallel group study. There were no significant imbalances between the treatment groups in demographic and baseline clinical(More)
Computers continue to play a vital role in today's generation. The need for information about the effects of computers on their users also increases. The purpose of this study is to investigate how children and adolescents use a computer and to explore the beneficial and harmful effects of computer use on children's mental and physical health. The studied(More)
The computer has provided some wonderful opportunities for our children. Although research on the effects of children's use of computer is still ambiguous, some initial indications of positive and negative effects are beginning t emerge. They commonly use computers for playing games, completing school assignments, email, and connecting to the Internet. This(More)
We investigated factors that influence adolescents' engagement in risky Internet behavior, in particular the factors relating to negative impacts on adolescent development: social interactions, sexual activity, and their emotional development. Material and method: All the students, aged between 15 to 18 years old, come from 7 high schools of Iasi, Romania.(More)
The authors analyse the findings of a clinical simple-blind trial of the drug Insidon--Geigy in depressive states. This drug was administered in monotherapy for 28 days in average doses of 150 mg daily in a series of 20 inpatients of both sexes and aged 20-60 years, diagnosed with neurotic depressive state. The efficiency of the treatment and its tolerance(More)
Among the manifestations with convulsive aspect, those apparently induced by fever in children are very important, especially if considered in perspective. This investigation was carried out in family backgrounds and it revealed that, in many such cases, the manifestations thought to be induced by fever had a family character, thus suggesting a possible(More)
The late diagnosis of severe alcoholism--often after the onset of somatic complaints and the appearance of psychic disorders needs extensive research able to identify new objective clinical and paraclinical markers to allow early and accurate identification of alcoholism also after various periods of abstinence. The scores obtained are the consequence of(More)