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The study used activated algae granules for low-strength wastewater treatment in sequential batch mode. Each treatment cycle was conducted within 24 h in a bioreactor exposed to 235 μmol/m²/s light intensity. Wastewater treatment was performed mostly in aerobic conditions, oxygen being provided by microalgae. High removal efficiency of chemical oxygen(More)
The magnetic guidance and capture of particles inside the human body, via the circulatory system, is a novel method for the targeted delivery of drugs. This experimental study confirms in vitro that a dipolar capturing device, based on high-energy magnets with an active space of 8.7 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm, retains colloidal magnetic particles (MPs) (<30 nm)(More)
The focus of this study was to assess the treatment performance and granule progression over time within a continuous flow reactor. A continuous flow airlift reactor was seeded with aerobic granules from a laboratory scale sequencing batch reactor (SBR) and fed with dairy wastewater. Stereomicroscopic investigations showed that the granules maintained their(More)
The effect of Fe3+ ions on the hydrolysis of benzylpenicillin in aqueous solution below and above the critical micellar concentration (c.m.c. = 0.26 M) has been studied. The catalytic effect of Fe3+ ions on hydrolysis of this drug has been demonstrated; the reaction rate constant, calculated from UV absorption data of non-micellar solutions, decreases with(More)
2014 In this paper, we present the influence of some astronomical and constructive parameters on the HFT working. The astronomical parameters are : (1) hour and (2) day. The constructive parameters are : (3, 4) the east-west and north-south distances between heliostats, (5) the mirror size, (6) the tower height, (7) the distance between the tower and the(More)
The method of immunomagnetic separation (IMS) has become an established technique to concentrate and separate animal cells, biologically active compounds and pathogenic micro-organisms from clinical, food and environmental matrices. One drawback of this technique is that the analysis is only possible for small sample volumes. We have developed a stochastic(More)
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