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We introduce a definition of free multivariate splines which generalizes the univariate notion of splines with free knots. We then concentrate on the simplest case, piecewise constant functions and characterize some classes of functions which have a prescribed order of approximation in Lp by these splines. These characterizations involve the classical Besot(More)
The effects of fullerene C60 nanocomposites on human platelet aggregation induced by ADP, ristocetin, and collagen were studied. The nanocomposite containing fullerene C60 in polyvinyl pyrrolidone solution did not change platelet aggregation, while fullerene C60 in crown ether and Twin-80 solutions inhibited ADP-induced platelet aggregation by 20 and 30%,(More)
Attempts at extending spline subdivision schemes to operate on compact sets are reviewed. The aim is to develop a procedure for approximating a set-valued function with compact images from a nite set of its samples. This is motivated by the problem of reconstructing a 3D object from a nite set of its parallel cross sections. The rst attempt is limited to(More)
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