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A detailed investigation of bioengineering constants for the accumulation of major yeast metabolites in beer produced by free and immobilized cells was carried out. The kinetic constants were used to determine the effect of immobilization on yeast metabolism. The esters synthesis dynamics was similar for the free and the immobilized cell which was confirmed(More)
Two mathematical models were developed for studying the effect of main fermentation temperature (T MF), immobilized cell mass (M IC) and original wort extract (OE) on beer fermentation with alginate-chitosan microcapsules with a liquid core. During the experiments, the investigated parameters were varied in order to find the optimal conditions for beer(More)
An integrated approach for the management of continuous beer fermentation with immobilized cells was developed. Experimental results for continuous fermentation were used for the development of dependencies for the calculation of real extract and ethanol at different degrees of fermentation and dilution rates. For this purpose, mathematical relationships(More)
A mathematical model was developed for studying the carbonyl compounds synthesis and reduction in beer fermentation with alginate-chitosan microcapsules with liquid core. The model was based on the results for the influence of the fermentation temperature, original wort gravity and immobilized cells mass on the carbonyl compounds synthesis and reduction.(More)
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