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Secret image sharing approaches have been extended to obtain covers from stego images after the revealing procedure. Lin et al.'s work in 2009 uses modulus operator to decrease the share image distortion while providing recovery of original covers. Their work use gray level or binary image as cover. Stego images have approximately 43 dB and 38 dB PSNR for(More)
Medical applications such as telediagnosis require information exchange over insecure networks. Therefore , protection of the integrity and confidentiality of the medical images is an important issue. Another issue is to store electronic patient record (EPR) in the medical image by steganographic or watermarking techniques. Studies reported in the(More)
Increase on the availability of the image editing tools makes it easy to create digital forgeries. More popular forgery in image manipulation is the copy move forgery where part of an image is copied into another location to hide an object. The methods that are used to detect the copy move forgery in images have a drawback. Length of the feature vector that(More)
Mass detection is a very important process for breast cancer diagnosis and computer aided systems. It can be very complex when the mass is small or invisible because of dense breast tissue. Therefore, the extraction of suspicious mass region can be very challenging. This paper proposes a novel segmentation algorithm to identify mass candidate regions in(More)
— Visual Secret Sharing (VSS) is a method to encode a secret image into multiple shares. Coding one pixel of secret image into m sub-pixels in shares during encoding process causes pixel expansion problem. Probabilistic Visual Secret Sharing Scheme (PVSS) are proposed in recent years to overcome this problem. In traditional VSS and PVSS methods, human(More)
This paper aims at automatically recognition of the gender through the speech signal being independent from the speaker. In this study it is purposed to decide the gender of the speaker by evaluating the distance of MFCC feature vectors. DTW method has been used to warp the time series in the process of evaluating of the distance. As a test data, as well as(More)