Vaseekaran Sivarajasingam

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance on levels of assault injury and violence detection. DESIGN Intervention versus control study design. SETTING Five town/cities with CCTV surveillance and five, matched control centres without CCTV surveillance in England. INTERVENTION CCTV installation and surveillance.(More)
Executive Summary A structured sample of 117 Emergency Departments (EDs), Minor Injury Units (MIUs) and Walk-in Centres in England and Wales which are certified members of the National Violence Surveillance Network (NVSN) were included in this national study of trends in serious violence. Anonymous data relating to age, gender and attendance date of those(More)
  • V Sivarajasingam, S Moore, J P Shepherd
  • 2005
BACKGROUND Although international sports events attract huge interest, and results can be a barometer of popular national standing, their impact on violent behaviour has not been investigated. METHODS Associations between assault related emergency department (ED) attendances and international sporting events (home and away rugby and soccer matches) in a(More)
BACKGROUND Alcohol-related violence in and in the vicinity of licensed premises continues to place a considerable burden on the United Kingdom's (UK) health services. Robust interventions targeted at licensed premises are therefore required to reduce the costs of alcohol-related harm. Previous evaluations of interventions in licensed premises have a number(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the influence of real on-trade and off-trade alcohol prices and socioeconomic and environmental factors on rates of violence-related emergency department (ED) attendances in England and Wales over an 8-year period. METHODS Anonymised injury data which included attendance date, age and gender of patients aged over 18 years who reported(More)
Paul 2016. Preventing violence-related injuries in England and Wales: A panel study examining the impact of on-and off-trade alcohol prices. Injury Please note: Changes made as a result of publishing processes such as copy-editing, formatting and page numbers may not be reflected in this version. For the definitive version of this publication, please refer(More)
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