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Anaerobic digestion, microbial community structure and kinetics were studied in a biphasic continuously fed, upflow anaerobic fixed film reactor treating high strength distillery wastewater. Treatment efficiency of the bioreactor was investigated at different hydraulic retention times (HRT) and organic loading rates (OLR 5-20 kg COD m⁻³ d⁻¹). Applying the(More)
Reducing water consumption in bioethanol production conserves an increasingly scarce natural resource, lowers production costs, and minimizes effluent management issues. The suitability of cooling tower blow down water for reuse in fermentation was investigated as a means to lower water consumption. Extensive chemical characterization of the blow down water(More)
The nature of magnetic ordering in quasi-2D layered hydroxide of Ni (LH-Ni-DS) with hexagonal structure and synthesized by intercalating dodecyl sulfate (DS) ligand, (C12H25OSO3)(-), between the layers using a hydrothermal technique is investigated. The observation of (00l) peaks up to l = 8 in x-ray diffraction on the sample yields an interlayer spacing c(More)
Investigations of spin dynamics in Ni nanoparticles (NPs) with diameters D = 3.8, 11.7, 15 and 21 nm embedded in an amorphous SiO(2) matrix of composition 15/85 (Ni/SiO(2)) are reported using EMR (electron magnetic resonance) spectroscopy at 9.28 GHz. Three resonance lines are observed whose EMR parameters, namely linewidth ΔH, resonance field H(r) and(More)
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