Vasco Saavedra

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In this work, an overall description of the methods used and the results obtained in the ongoing evaluation of hemo@care is presented. To help understanding the methods and results, we first give an overview of the main functionalities of hemo@care, which is a web application to manage the clinical information in hemophilia care, developed to be used by(More)
This work presents the recently developed Portuguese Patient Registry with Hemophilia and other Congenital Coagulopathies. It is a web-based application that aims to collect a set demographic, social and clinical data (categorized by diagnostic, treatment and follow-up data) of people with hemophilia and other congenital coagulopathies (H&oCC) in a(More)
This work describes the development process of a Web-based Information System for managing clinical information in hemophilia care, emphasizing the role of the users around a human-centered development. To help understanding all this process, we first present the relevant concepts concerning human centered design; next we describe the web application for(More)
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