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Resource management and scheduling of distributed, data-driven applications in a Grid environment are challenging problems. Although significant results were achieved in the past few years, the development and the proper deployment of generic, reliable, standard components present issues that still need to be completely solved. Interested domains include(More)
Fruitflies regulate flight speed by adjusting their body angle. To understand how low-level posture control serves an overall linear visual speed control strategy, we visually induced free-flight acceleration responses in a wind tunnel and measured the body kinematics using high-speed videography. Subsequently, we reverse engineered the transfer function(More)
The robust and efficient flight control of insects provide a powerful model system for autonomous microrobots. Conversely, robots offer a robust experimental platform on which to test biological hypotheses. This interaction of biology and robotics is an exciting but challenging task, because the vast disparities between both can lead to inaccurate or even(More)
The incremental deployment of small scale stochastic generators has a significant impact low voltage grids. We investigated the applicability of local voltage measurements at household sockets as predictors of the power at the low voltage branch of the transformer. The general goal is to evaluate the feasibility of a decentralized demand-side control(More)
Now a day's replication is an effective approach to improve the efficacy of distributed system, where large amount of data (terabytes or peta-bytes) is handled. An efficient replica technique is more effective than a shared distributed system (network attached storage, object based storage and storage area network) and common access point. In a(More)
Experimental evolution is a powerful tool for investigating complex traits. Artificial selection can be applied for a specific trait and the resulting phenotypically divergent populations pool-sequenced to identify alleles that occur at substantially different frequencies in the extreme populations. To maximize the proportion of loci that are causal to the(More)
Plant tolerance to heavy metals requires morpho-physiological mechanisms that are still poorly understood, especially in hydrophytes. This study focuses on the young floating lamina of the rhyzophyte Trapa natans exposed for 10 d to 130 microM Mn. The lamina has the ability to bioaccumulate Mn (> 3000 microg g(-1)). X-ray microanalysis of Mn cellular(More)
The paper considers the problem of estimating unmonitored PV generation and load profiles in a distribution network starting from measurements of the aggregated power flow at the point of common coupling (PCC) and global horizontal irradiance (GHI). The estimation principle that we exploit relies on modeling the PV generation as a function of the GHI,(More)