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The syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH) results from the aberrant or sustained secretion of the antidiuretic hormone. Classic manifestations include water retention, hyponatremia, and hypo-osmolality of the serum. Treatment is aimed at differentiating SIADH from other causes of hyponatremia, determining the underlying disorder,(More)
The choice of the data domain partitioning scheme is an important factor in determining the available par-allelism and hence the performance of an application on a distributed memory multiprocessor. In this paper , we present a performance estimator for statically evaluating the relative efficiency of different data partitioning schemes for any given(More)
The ParaScope project is building an integrated collection of tools to help scientific programmers develop correct and efficient parallel programs. The centerpiece of this collection is the ParaScope Editor, an intelligent interactive editor for parallel FORTRAN programs. The ParaScope Editor displays <italic>data dependencies</italic>, which correspond to(More)
We have presented data ow equations from 5] to compute the reaching deenition information at any point in an explicitly parallel program. Data ow equations for computing reaching deenitions information in sequential programs have been well understood and used in many current day compilers for the optimization of such programs. We believe that the data ow(More)
We describe a patient with multiple myeloma, who initially responded to chemotherapy and went into remission. She presented 10 months later with a right breast lump which was confirmed by core biopsy to be a plasmacytoma. Further treatment with radiotherapy, thalidomide and later second line chemotherapy appeared unsuccessful and she showed rapid disease(More)
The fundamental ideas for transformation systems are: domains  where/when does one define a notation for a problem area; semantics  how the meaning of a notation is defined; implementation  what it means for one spec fragment to " implement " another; and control  how to choose among possible implementations. The following references describe various(More)
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