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We describe the design and implementation of Dynamo, a software dynamic optimization system that is capable of transparently improving the performance of a native instruction stream as it executes on the processor. The input native instruction stream to Dynamo can be dynamically generated (by a JIT for example), or it can come from the execution of a(More)
In this paper we present our experience in building the Research Compute Cloud (RC2), a cloud computing platform for use by the worldwide IBM Research community. Within eleven months of its official release RC2 has reached a community of 631 users spanning 34 countries , and serves on average 350 active users and 1800 active VM instances per month. Besides(More)
Cloud computing is revolutionizing how information technology resources and services are used and managed but the revolution comes with new security problems. Among these is the problem of securely managing the virtual-machine images that encapsulate each application of the cloud. These images must have high integrity because the initial state of every(More)
The dramatic proliferation of virtual machines (VMs) in datacenters and the highly-dynamic and transient nature of VM provisioning has revolutionized datacenter operations. However, the management of these environments is still carried out using re-purposed versions of traditional agents, originally developed for managing physical systems, or most recently(More)
A collective communication library for parallel computers includes frequently used operations such as broadcast, reduce, scatter, gather, concatenate, synchronize, and shift. Such a library provides users with a convenient programming interface , efficient communication operations, and the advantage of portability. A library of this nature, the Collective(More)
Dynamic optimization refers to the runtime optimization of a native program binary. This report describes the design and implementation of Dynamo, a prototype dynamic optimizer that is capable of optimizing a native program binary at runtime. Dynamo is a realistic implementation, not a simulation, that is written entirely in user-level software, and runs on(More)
The Progressive Deployment System (PDS) is a virtual execution environment and infrastructure designed specifically for deploying software, or "assets", on demand while enabling management from a central location. PDS intercepts a select subset of system calls on the target machine to provide a partial virtualization at the operating system level. This(More)