Vasant Manna

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The present study has been performed in order to evaluate two relevant phenomena related to startle reflex (SR) evoked by electro-cutaneous stimulation in schizophrenic patients: 1) the effect of different interstimulus intervals on R1, R2 magnitude and on R2 latency in schizophrenia in order to verify if the gating effect influences all blink reflex (BR)(More)
A standardised clinical examination which focused on neurological soft signs (NSS) was used by a neurologist blind to diagnosis to assess the presence of neurological soft signs. A comparison of NSS score was made among three groups of subjects consisting of 58 DSM-III schizophrenics, 31 of their healthy first-degree relatives and 38 normal controls. The(More)
BACKGROUND Acne vulgaris is a common chronic skin disease affecting roughly 15 percent of the general population and up to 85 percent of adolescents and young adults. Adapalene, a synthetic naphthoic acid derivative with retinoid activity, has demonstrated good clinical efficacy in the treatment of acne if used with full compliance. OBJECTIVES To evaluate(More)
The habituation of the startle reflex in a paradigm using electrical stimulation was studied in 17 psychotic patients and 18 healthy controls. The magnitude of the R2 component of the blink reflex differed between the groups (ANOVA, F = 5.81; P = 0.022) and during the course of trials (F = 25.72; P < 0.0001). Furthermore a statistically significant(More)
BACKGROUND There is no direct correlation between acne severity and lesion numbers and patients with moderate acne may present with varying lesion counts. The fixed-dose adapalene 0.1%-benzoyl peroxide (BPO) 2.5% combination gel is an efficacious and safe acne treatment. OBJECTIVE We sought to evaluate whether the benefit of adapalene-BPO relative to(More)
Forty out-patients affected by chronic tension-type headache were selected according to the diagnostic criteria of International Headache Society (IHS) Headache Classification Committee. In a controlled trial patients received placebo for a four-week baseline period, then they were randomized in double-blind fashion to therapy with mianserine (30-60 mg/day)(More)
Treatment with lithium salts produces improvements in bipolar affective disorders. Up to date, the relationship between neurochemical and behavioural effects of lithium and its actions on intraneuronal free calcium ions is not well known. Some calcium antagonist drugs resulted active in the treatment of bipolar affective syndromes, with therapeutic effects(More)
Pain description and objective evaluation is difficult. In the last few years, a number of neuro-physiological methods have been used in the study of pain and acupuncture analgesia. EEG spectral analysis allows the description and objective quantification of brain bio-electrical activity changes. The present study aims at evaluating ischemic experimental(More)
INTRODUCTION Routine use of doxycycline (DC) 100 mg for the treatment of moderate to severe acne may be associated with gastrointestinal adverse events (AEs), thus potentially impacting patient adherence, and antibiotic resistance. This study evaluated the safety and efficacy of subantimicrobial, modified-release (MR) DC 40 mg compared to DC 100 mg and to(More)