Varvara Athanasiou

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Metabolic and pathophysiologic changes of secondary ketosis were studied. Plasma samples were obtained from a group of 8 mature, lactating dairy cows before, during, and after a 48-hour fast. These samples were analyzed for glucose, free fatty acids (FFA), lactic acid, ketone bodies, glucocorticoids, insulin, and growth hormone concentrations. In the(More)
Plasma concentration stability of glucose, free fatty acids, ketone bodies, growth hormone, insulin were determined in lactating dairy cows. Concentrations of these metabolites and hormones were measured during a 36- to 48-hour period in 3 normal, mature dairy cows in the 2nd month of lactation. Samples were taken at 30-minute intervals; also, intensive(More)
Metabolic changes that accompany the transition from parturition to lactation in dairy cows were studied. To measure these changes, plasma samples were obtained from 20 mature Holstein-Friesian dairy cows 10 days before through 10 days after parturition. They were analyzed for glucose, free fatty acids (FFA), lactic acid, ketone bodies, glucocorticoids,(More)
The development of multifunctional polymeric materials for biological applications is mainly guided by the goal of achieving the encapsulation of pharmaceutical compounds through a self-assembly process to form nanoconstructs that control the biodistribution of the active compounds, and therefore minimize systemic side effects. Micelles are formed from(More)
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