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In the past, a large number of methods have been developed for predicting various characteristics of a protein from its composition. In order to exploit the full potential of protein composition, we developed the web-server COPid to assist the researchers in annotating the function of a protein from its composition using whole or part of the protein. COPid(More)
We demonstrate here a novel high surface area GaN nanowall network substrate with plasmonic Ag nanodroplets, that can be employed as a highly sensitive, reproducible, and charge independent SERS substrate. The uniformity of the size and distribution of the Ag droplets and the absence of linker ligands result in large near-field intensity, while the GaN(More)
UNLABELLED Little is known about the mechanical behavior of resin-dentin interfaces during loading. The presence of relatively compliant hybrid and adhesive layers between stiffer dentin and resin composite should deform more during compressive loading. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to measure changes in microstrain across bonded dentin(More)
Article can be accessed online on: ABSTRACT: The patients with sudden increase blood pressure have markedly reduced function ability and extremely restless, in such cases rapid onset of action is of prime importance. So the patients would be benefited from acute treatment by using Fast dissolving drug delivery system. Telmisartan is an(More)
Microinjection molding is based on the concept of vario-thermal processing in which the injection unit heats the polymer and presses it into a micro featured mold. After the unit cools, the featured part is de-molded. An inherent problem with microinjection molding is poor feature replication. The polymer in the micro-cavity instantaneously freezes when it(More)
A novel route to achieve two dimensional (2D) carrier confinement in a wedge shaped wall structure made of a polar semiconductor has been demonstrated theoretically. Tapering of the wall along the direction of the spontaneous polarization leads to the development of charges of equal polarity on the two inclined facades of the wall. Polarization induced(More)
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