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This paper considers the many-to-many version of the stable marriage problem where each man and woman has a strict preference ordering on the members of the opposite sex that he or she considers acceptable. Further, each man and woman wishes to be matched to as many acceptable partners as possible, up to his or her specified quota. In this setup, a(More)
This is a very exciting time in the field of pain research. Major advances are made at every level of analysis from development to neural plasticity in the adult and from the transduction of a noxious stimulus in a primary afferent neuron to the impact of this stimulus on cortical circuitry. The molecular identity of nociceptors, their stimulus transduction(More)
The oculocardiac reflex slows the heart action, giving extraordinary rest to this vital organ. It stops decay in outer and inner organs, enabling the body cells to brim over with lifeforce. The calming effect on the heart switches off the energy in the five sense-telephones of touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight. It also reduces breathing to a minimum.(More)
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