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This is a survey paper on the recently developed and rapidly evolving field of femtocells. Quite often, it is noticed that cell-phone signals are strongly attenuated, when indoors, leading to call dropping or poor call quality. Femtocells are mini base stations that are deployed in users’ homes so that the user can directly connect to the cellular network(More)
In Enterprise Systems of a domain, various Business processes are similar to one another yet differ in some other ways from one organization, project or industry to another. These variations in business process of enterprise systems represent business operations of different organizations. So, there is need of a configurable business process models and a(More)
Enterprise Systems of a domain, similarity and de similarity exist in various business processes from one organization, project or industry to another. The existing de - similarity points are considered as variability point and used to construct configurable process model. We have proposed our configurable process model to capture variability of process(More)
Text entry is an increasingly important activity for mobile device users. As a result, increasing text entry speed of expert typists is an important design goal for physical and soft keyboards. Mathematical models that predict text entry speed can help with keyboard design and optimization. Making typing errors when entering text is inevitable. However,(More)
Numerous abstracts related to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are presented at national conferences in the USA. The overall rate of publication of these abstracts as complete manuscripts is unknown . Abstracts submitted to the 2010 American College of Gastroenterology (ACG), Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (AIBD), and the American(More)
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