Varun Ramanujam

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— The accurate estimation of airport capacity is critical for the efficient planning of landing and takeoff operations, and the mitigation of congestion-induced delays. The analysis of tradeoffs between arrival and departure capacity at an airport, represented by the airport capacity envelope, has been the main focus of prior research. The increasing demand(More)
— When the scheduled demand at an airport exceeds the forecast capacity, the available capacity needs to be allocated among airlines in an efficient and equitable manner. The first stage of this two-step allocation process is a centralized optimization to determine the initial allocation among airlines. In the second stage, airlines cancel flights or modify(More)
—The runway configuration is the set of the runways at an airport that are used for arrivals and departures at any time. While many factors, including weather, expected demand, environmental considerations, and coordination of flows with neighboring airports influence the choice of runway configuration , the actual selection decision is made by air traffic(More)
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