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Prosopagnosia (PA), or the inability to recognize faces, is widespread around the world, with no effective cure for the disease. We propose a wearable system to improve prosopagnosic's daily life. The system utilizes a real-time face recognition application that runs on a smartphone, and a portable eyewear that displays descriptive information when a person(More)
In this paper, to enhance identity acquisition procedures in smartphones and make the process transparent to the user, a novel User Identity Sensing approach leveraging the unified fingerprint enabled touch panel that combines multiple capacitive TFT based fingerprint sensors directly with the touch screen panel of the smartphone is proposed. The solution(More)
In today's technology driven world, it is essential to build secure systems with low faulty behavior. Authentication is one of the primary means to gain access to secure systems. Users need to be authenticated in order to gain access to the services and sensitive information contained within the system. Due to the surge in the number of touch based smart(More)
Embedded Systems can be engineered using Clean room Software Engineering methodology (CRSE) as it considers all the quality issues as integral part of the CRSE Life cycle model and lays stress on the reduced size and effort of testing through statistical use testing. Both CRSE and embedded systems development methodologies are based on stimulus-response(More)
Data backup and archiving is an important aspect of business processes to avoid loss due to system failures and natural calamities. As the amount of data and applications grow in number, concerns regarding cost efficient data preservation force organizations to scout for inexpensive storage options. Addressing these concerns, we present Tape Cloud, a novel,(More)
Detecting Person-Of-Interest (POI), e.g., fugitives, criminals and terrorists in public spaces is a critical requirement of many law enforcers and police officers. In realty, most law enforcement personnel cannot effectively differentiate POIs from millions of faces and thus demand a portable assistant to recognize faces, in order to take the golden(More)
— Embedded systems must be high quality systems and the development of embedded systems involves modeling both the external and internal behaviors of the systems. Cleanroom software engineering (CRSE) life cycle methodology concentrates on the quality issues by considering different formal verification and validation methods introduced at different stages(More)
Due to hypersensitivity to sound, patients with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) can feel frustrated and even profoundly fearful when talking with multiple speakers. This exacerbates their impairments in social interaction and communication. We propose a fully interactive system that allows ASD patient to focus on a single auditory stream (a person's voice)(More)
EEG signal analysis is such an important thing for disease analysis and brain–computer analysis. Using Electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring the state of the user's brain functioning and treatment for any psychological disorder, where the difficulty in learning and comprehending the arithmetic exists and it could allow for analysis disease the user to(More)
Magnetic tapes have been a primary medium of backup storage for a long time in many organizations. In this paper, the possibility of establishing an inter-network accessible, centralized, tape based data backup facility is evaluated. Our motive is to develop a cloud storage service that organizations can use for long term storage of big data which is(More)