Varun Malhotra

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This is a very exciting time in the field of pain research. Major advances are made at every level of analysis from development to neural plasticity in the adult and from the transduction of a noxious stimulus in a primary afferent neuron to the impact of this stimulus on cortical circuitry. The molecular identity of nociceptors, their stimulus transduction(More)
INTRODUCTION Yoga has beneficial effects on memory. In females, left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for verbal memory and right hemisphere is responsible for the spatial memory, while the opposite is true for males. AIM Aim of the present was to study the effect of unilateral right nostril breathing, left nostril breathing and alternate nostril(More)
There has been a paradigm shift in web browsing with the advent of mobile devices. More people now browse the internet from their smart phones and tablets than ever before. At the same time the web is evolving and web pages are becoming more complicated in terms of both layout and content. The intersection of the two, that is, viewing these web pages on(More)
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