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— Few years ago, the information flow in education field was relatively simple and the application of technology was limited. However, as we progress into a more integrated world where technology has become an integral part of the business processes, the process of transfer of information has become more complicated. Today, one of the biggest challenges(More)
Knowledge discovery in databases has established its success rate in various prominent fields such as e-business, marketing, retail and medical. Medical data mining has great potency for exploring the out of sight patterns in the respective medical data sets. This paper intends to provide a survey of current techniques of knowledge discovery in databases(More)
We propose and evaluate the usability and security of Click to Zoom-inside (CTZ); a new graphical password authentication mechanism. Users have to click six times on one point in some given specific regions (pass regions) shown with dotted lines in a theme image displayed on the screen. The selected region is then zoom to create a next image. Exactly, we(More)
Present study deals with the adoption of newer technologies for developing nations. Most of the developing countries due to lack of resources perform techno-socioeconomic analyses on the already existing models of the developed ones. Such adopted technologies may not perform effectively because of unlike socioeconomic factors. Hence, it becomes important to(More)
With the advent of personal computers, humans have always wanted to communicate with them in either their natural language or by using gestures. This gave birth to the field of Human Computer Interaction and its subfield Automatic Sign Language Recognition. This paper proposes the method of automatic feature extraction of the images of hand. These extracted(More)
With the recent rapid increase in web based applications that employ back-end database services, results show that SQL Injection and Remote File Inclusion are the two frequently used exploits rather than using other complicated techniques. With the rise in use of web applications, SQL injection based attacks are gradually increasing and is now one of the(More)
In a developing country such as India, implementing personalized learning poses a challenge due to a large number of learners. Learners still tend to rely on 'authorized content' such as textbooks for their studies. Most learners use paper textbooks for the same. In this demonstration, we present PUSTACK, an interface for augmenting paper textbooks for(More)