Varun Krishna

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The prophylactic effects of oleanolic acid (OA) isolated from chloroform extract (CE) of Flaveria trinervia against ethanol induced liver toxicity was investigated using rats. CE and OA at three different doses were tested by administering orally to the ethanol treated animals during the last week of the 7 weeks study. Silymarin was used as the standard(More)
An efficient protocol was standardized for screening of panama wilt resistant Musa paradisiaca cv. Puttabale clones, an endemic cultivar of Karnataka, India. The synergistic effect of 6-benzyleaminopurine (2 to 6 mg/L) and thidiazuron (0.1 to 0.5 mg/L) on MS medium provoked multiple shoot induction from the excised meristem. An average of 30.10 +/- 5.95(More)
Graph mining has been a widely studied domain over the years. Graph representation of real world problems has enabled the development of simple solutions bringing in better clarity. Graph mining has various sub domains among which graph matching is a prominent one having a number of algorithms. With the rise of new applications involving large sets of(More)
BACKGROUND Debonding of acrylic teeth from the denture base is a common problem. Certain clinical conditions like ridge prominence leads to excess trimming of acrylic teeth and base, resulting in a weak interface. The denture base polymer debonds adhesively in the region of the highly cross -linked matrix of the teeth. To compare the effect of different(More)
Visual data analysis has been emerging as an attractive technique in addressing the challenges of the current computing research. It relies upon the human ability in grasping the intrinsic characteristics of the data through visual exploration. This human visual perception combined with the domain specific data semantics can lead to effective extraction of(More)
The antinociceptive activity of Flaveria trinervia extracts by tail-flicking and writhing methods was evaluated using mice. The abdominal writhing method was carried out by administering petroleum ether, chloroform and methanol extracts orally. After 1 h of incubation, 0.6% acetic acid (10 mL kg(-1)) was administered intraperitoneally. After 5 min, each(More)
The wound healing promoting property of stem bark methanol extract of Semecarpus anacardium was evaluated at three different dosages by excision, incision and dead space wound models using Wistar albino rats. Framycetin skin ointment was used as standard. LD(50) of methanol extract was determined to be 500 mg kg(-1). In methanol extract (20% ointment)(More)
Detection of hotspots (also known as dense subgraphs) in network data is an important data analysis problem due to it's significance in many contemporary applications. Clique-based formulation of this problem employing maximum flow implementation turns out to be an optimization task limiting the solution to be an approximate one. On the other hand, an(More)
The Malnad region located in the Western Ghats of Karnataka is known for the cultivation of indigenous rain fed land race cultivar of rice. The present study was to investigate the callogenic and caulogenic potentialities of the two indigenous rice cultivar namely Karimundaga and Kanadatumba using dehusked mature embryo explants. For callus and shoot bud(More)
An in vitro regeneration protocol has been standardized via direct and indirect methods from excised root explants of C. bonduc, a threatened woody legume used for the treatment of contagious diseases, inflammation, leprosy, antiperiodic, febrifuge, anthelmenthic, urinary disorders, leucorrhoea, piles and to heal wounds. MS medium supplemented with 17.75(More)
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