Varun Kishore

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The processing of solid vegetable market waste was attempted in a two-stage digester. Initially, for the hydrolysis and acidification of waste, enhanced extraction process was carried out by continuous sprinkling of water over the bed of waste in a mild steel 100 1 solid bed digester. The leachate obtained after completion of acidification phase was further(More)
Anaerobic digestion of spent tea leaves from an instant tea manufacturing factory was studied in a two-phase digester. The hydrolysis and acidification phase resulted in the formation of high organic strength liquid called leachate, with a chemical oxygen demand (COD) of 12,880 mg/l, within the retention time of 10 days. The leachate was tested in a batch(More)
Costs of highway construction projects have been increasing with rising prices of construction materials such as asphalt, concrete and steel. Identifying cost saving strategies is one of the ways for the efficient utilization of available funds (federal and local) by the state Department of Transportation (DOTs) and Local Public Agencies (LPAs). A case(More)
Anaerobic digestion (AD) of putrescible urban waste for energy recovery has seen rapid growth over recent years. In order to ascertain its systems scale sustainability, however, determination of the environmental fate of the large volume of digestate generated during the process is indispensable. This paper evaluates the environmental burdens to air(More)
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