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The delivery of video content is expected to gain huge momentum, fueled by the popularity of user-generated clips, growth of VoD libraries, and wide-spread deployment of IPTV services with features such as CatchUp/PauseLive TV and NPVR capabilities. The ‘time-shifted’ nature of these personalized applications defies the broadcast paradigm underlying(More)
A central question in designing server farms today is how to efficiently provision the number of servers to extract the best performance under unpredictable demand patterns while not wasting energy. While one would like to turn servers off when they become idle to save energy, the large setup cost (both, in terms of setup time and energy penalty) needed to(More)
Power-proportional cluster-based storage is an important component of an overall cloud computing infrastructure. With it, substantial subsets of nodes in the storage cluster can be turned off to save power during periods of low utilization. Rabbit is a distributed file system that arranges its data-layout to provide ideal power-proportionality down to very(More)
Synapse formation and maturation requires bidirectional communication across the synaptic cleft. The trans-synaptic Neurexin-Neuroligin complex can bridge this cleft, and severe synapse assembly deficits are found in Drosophila melanogaster neuroligin (Nlg1, dnlg1) and neurexin (Nrx-1, dnrx) mutants. We show that the presynaptic active zone protein Syd-1(More)
The grouping of correlated classes into a package helps in better organization of modern object-oriented software. The quality of such packages needs to be measured so as to estimate their utilization. In this paper, new package coupling metrics are proposed, which also take into consideration the hierarchical structure of packages and direction of(More)
We consider the problem of admission control in resource sharing systems, such as web servers and transaction processing systems, when the job size distribution has high variability, with the aim of minimizing the mean response time. It is well known that in such resource sharing systems, as the number of tasks concurrently sharing the resource is(More)
The Arabidopsis enhanced disease susceptibility 4 (eds4) mutation causes enhanced susceptibility to infection by the bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv. maculicola ES4326 (Psm ES4326). Gene-for-gene resistance to bacteria carrying the avirulence gene avrRpt2 is not significantly affected by eds4. Plants homozygous for eds4 exhibit reduced expression(More)
The B cell receptor (BCR) is a multiprotein complex that is pivotal to antigen recognition and signal transduction in B cells. It consists of an antigen binding component, membrane Ig (mIg), non-covalently associated with the signaling component, a disulphide-linked heterodimer of CD79a and CD79b. In this study, the gene and corresponding cDNA for CD79a and(More)
Age-dependent memory impairment is known to occur in several organisms, including Drosophila, mouse and human. However, the fundamental cellular mechanisms that underlie these impairments are still poorly understood, effectively hampering the development of pharmacological strategies to treat the condition. Polyamines are among the substances found to(More)