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A M55V Polymorphism in a Novel SUMO Gene (SUMO-4) Differentially Activates Heat Shock Transcription Factors and Is Associated with Susceptibility to Type I Diabetes Mellitus*
The identification of a novel intronless SUMO gene, SUMO-4, that encodes a 95-amino acid protein having an 86% amino acid homology withsumO-2, which is associated with type I diabetes mellitus susceptibility in families and suggests that it may be involved in the pathogenesis of type Iabetes. Expand
Osmotic Response Element Enhancer Activity
Electrophoretic gel mobility shift assays with cell extracts prepared from SB203580-treated, hypertonically stressed HepG2 cells show that the binding of trans-acting factors to the ORE is prevented and is thus also dependent on the activity of p38 kinase. Expand