Varsha Mainkar

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Transaction processing systems are judged by users to be correctly functioning not only if their transactions are executed correctly, but also if most of them are completed within an acceptable time limit. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a definition of availability for systems for whom there is a notion of system failure due to frequent violation of(More)
Sensitivity analysis, i.e., the analysis of the eflect of small variations in system parameters on the output measures can be studied b y computing the derivatives of the output measures with respect t o the parameter. This paper presents an algorithm for parametric sensitivity analysis of Markov Regenerative Stochastic Petri Nets (MRSPN). MRSPNs are a true(More)
IP application performance must frequently be assessed using empirical methods that combine performance testing and modeling. We have developed an approach to identifying bottlenecks using performance signatures. A performance signature is a set of characteristic and repeatable behaviors (e.g., response time, resource utilization or throughput vs. some(More)
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